The first time we had Michael, was at iamgood #3. This event is until today the most legendary event of our series.
Michael created a truly unique experience for our community at that event. Like nobody else, I know, he understands how people work. This ability allows him to get to people and make them connect with themselves, each other and their surroundings like never before.

Thomas Dori Event Organizer

You will not work with a funnier person in all of your career, so know that you are in for a barrel of laughs

Edward Druce Entrepreneur

I saw an improvement because of Michaell’s techniques and ideas right away.

Marcel Moosbrugger Student

He has a great knowledge – not only on speaking, but also the logistical stuff.

Karlo Krznaric Coach

Your speech deeply moved me, and you, talking like this about these profound truths, impressed me very much! I wished to have half, what am I saying, 1/100 of your strength.

Martin Maglia Presenter

The video came to me at a time iI was feeling lost and desolate and sure helped me get back to my positive self! Thanks dude!

Ambica Banu Filmmaker

I just wanted to say a big thank you for Saturday. You have an amazing platform that truly can change peoples lives. I got my life-defining moment there and I am forever grateful. I am also so glad to have met you. Meeting someone who teaches you about life by just being himself is incredible. Thank you for being you and thank you that you have these meetings.

Ceri Samvilian Life Coach